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Post by barryf on Wed Apr 08, 2015 9:09 am

Despite being by a relatively non fashionable sire in Western Terror, I would expect his race record will carry a lot of weight in attracting brood mare owners, in the same way as Auckland Reactor and Changeover have done.

The service fee would need to be within the range of those two- say $3000 to $4000 I would guess .  

Regarding exciting videos/commentaries, that one by Kevin Payne when Charge Forward jumped the shadow was certainly memorable.
Others which stay in the mind are the video of Betty Boop Brogden winning her race at Cambridge on Teachers' night, with Wonder Woman sprinting up the lawn as the crowd celebrated wildly, and Tintin in America " going bang!" ex Tony Lee as he won the Jewels at Ashburton.


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Terror to Love Empty Terror to Love

Post by ray the beancounter on Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:33 pm

I used to watch with interest the career of Terror to Love due to the fact that he was the same age as syndicate horse Charge Forward and they both started racing around the same time.

Despite the many great wins by the Terror, the best photo I have on the wall of Terror to Love was a race at Forbury Park on 11th March 2010 when he ran second.
The winner was Charge Forward, who was on debut.

Charge Forward broke the New Zealand 1700m record in that race and did a little "dance" doing it. He jumped a puddle or shadow in the home straight, came down in a pace and still went on to win.

I, like many others, will watch his stallion career with interest to see how marketable he is and how successful his progeny are against such a smorgasbord of talented and proven stallions that are available nowadays.
ray the beancounter
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