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Post by Conwell on Sat Oct 24, 2015 10:39 pm

Geoff said today that Some Change will now be going out for a spell and should be ready to go around March. I took this to mean that he will have 1-2 months break and be brought up again to be ready to go to the qualifying trials around March next year.
When asked if he thought Surfie would race as a 2YO Geoff said that he has been showing enough to make him think that he will do the job but he wasn't sure if that would be as a 2YO or 3YO, so I guess that will depend how he comes up next preparation.


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Post by ray the beancounter on Sat Oct 24, 2015 10:17 pm

We finally got to see the 2016 horses today and the following is my account of what I saw and heard……

Miss Kitty: the encouraging comments heard recently from Zac Butcher seem to be well founded. Kitty is not large of stature – being a Bettor Delight filly – but is calm, sensible and smoothly gaited. The large’ish crowd standing down the side of her track certainly drew her attention with a glance from her as she went past, but she was a true professional and kept to her task. She is currently running 800m in 63 seconds and 400 in 29 seconds. Over the next week they will be trying to speed her up a little to do an 800m in 60 seconds. If this is achieved over the next week they may consider a short break of 3 – 4 weeks and then bring her back up again with a possible aim of the Young Guns fillies series in January / February if she is good enough. She is showing a lot of potential.

Extra Blast: Blast went around the Pukekohe track after the last of the scheduled workouts (Ideal Belle’s workout). Wet conditions with light rain. He was driven by Todd MacFarlane with a galloping pacemaker in front of him. Due to the fact that Blast is still getting his head around the pacing game the speed of today’s exhibition performance was kept quite sedate and he held his gait throughout. In the stalls afterwards Blast was calm and well mannered. The comments from Todd afterwards were that the horse was to go back to Tony Herlihy this coming week and that any decision as regards Blast’s future will be made by Tony, but in Todd’s opinion “Time will be his best friend”. He suggested a spell of 6 months to let him mature as he is currently like an uncoordinated teenager. So it wasn’t a “Quit him now” response but more a “Give him time to mature and try again”.

Some Change: Surfie (driven by Geoff Small) went around with a galloping pacemaker and after a couple of warm up laps the pace was increased somewhat and he looked a compact little pocket rocket. He ran a mile in 2:14 which was pretty good for the wet conditions and his stage of preparation. He seems short barrelled in body conformation but at this early stage shows a lot of potential. Upon leaving the track Geoff did stop in the carpark with Surfie, whilst on his way back to his stables, to have a quick word with Rob and syndicate members. Geoff talks so quietly that I have to be honest and say that I could not hear what he was saying – if any other syndicate member was there that can update us on Surfie’s immediate future then please let us know. Surfie is another to be showing good potential.
ray the beancounter
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Post by Des Carruthers on Wed Oct 21, 2015 6:29 pm

I have just read the October newsletter and it seems that in the short term, discussions will be held regarding the immediate future for both Miss Kitty and Some Change. It also seems that a decision will soon be made as to whether or not to proceed with Extra Blast as a racing proposition. As the next newsletter is a month away, it would be greatly appreciated if members could keep this forum informed regarding progress in these matters. The thoughts of the trainers at the "Meet Your Horses" morning would be of particular interest as would the thoughts of the members who will be seeing their horses for the first time.

Des Carruthers

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