The Exodus Continues

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The Exodus Continues Empty Re: The Exodus Continues

Post by barryf on Sat Jan 30, 2016 5:18 pm

And since then there have been Te Kawau, Alta Leroy and Master Charlie.

However we live in hope that there will be enough horses left to ensure races in Auckland anyway for C3 and faster.  A few reappeared at the Franklin workouts/trials today I see.

It is interesting that the American market seems to have resurfaced  in recent months. Awesome Armbro was the last ATC horse sold there from memory.


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The Exodus Continues Empty The Exodus Continues

Post by ray the beancounter on Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:46 pm

58 horses have left NZ in the last month.
Some are making raids on the better stakes races in Australia and will return to NZ but the majority are on one-way tickets.
And we wonder why we cannot get fields together...... Bash Head

Horses Exported between 28/12/2015 and 25/01/2016
 Barcelona      2 B g  Dali(USA)-Karis        18/01/2016        Australia
 Besotted      7 Br g American Ideal-Saturation        15/01/2016        Australia
 Bettor's Power      3 B g Bettor's Delight-Gem Power        08/01/2016        Australia
 Bit Of A Legend      6 B h Bettor's Delight-Soky's Legend        11/01/2016        United States
 Blinding Light      4 B g Charles Bronson-Dream Dancer        15/01/2016        Australia

 Buckhorn Exchange      4 B g McArdle-Dixie Darlin        25/01/2016        Australia
 Can't Refuse      3 Br g Bettor's Delight-Dream Offer        18/01/2016        Australia
 Charming Lavra      4 Br m CR Commando-Lavra Miriam        18/01/2016        Australia
 Clarius      6 B g McArdle-Pocket Joy        07/01/2016        Australia
 Courchevel      3 Ch f Love You-Kathy Galleon        15/01/2016        Australia

 Dana Dynasty      6 B m Mach Three-Sally Franco        15/01/2016        Australia
 Dark Energy      3 B c Bettor's Delight-Hill Of Gold        25/01/2016        Australia
 Daryl Boko      6 Br g Majestic Son-Insider Trade        18/01/2016        Australia
 Delight Brigade      8 Br g Bettor's Delight-Smithie's Delight        21/01/2016        Australia
 Derringer      3 B g Bettor's Delight-Bury My Heart        19/01/2016        Australia

 Designer Arden      3 B c Rocknroll Hanover-Ardenart        07/01/2016        Australia
 Don't Call Me      5 B g American Ideal-Instrumental        22/01/2016        Australia
 Dream About Me      3 B f Bettor's Delight-Splendid Dreams        08/01/2016        Australia
 Fight For Glory      4 B m Art Major-Breath Of Life        15/01/2016        Australia
 Forty Thieves      3 B g Christian Cullen-Harem Franco        08/01/2016        Australia

 Franco Nelson      6 B h Christian Cullen-Notafella Franco        11/01/2016        Australia
 Gamma Lady      3 B f Mach Three-Maheer Lady        31/12/2015        Australia
 Have Faith In Me      4 B g Bettor's Delight-Scuse Me        15/01/2016        Australia
 Ideal Success      5 B g American Ideal-Maheer Glen        15/01/2016        Australia
 Idle Bones      6 Gr m Monkey Bones-Idle Fiori        14/01/2016        Australia

 Itz Bettor To Win      4 Br g Bettor's Delight-Itz All About Me        15/01/2016        Australia
 Jabari      4 Br g Bettor's Delight-Tamarind        11/01/2016        Australia
 Jetset Star      3 B f Jereme's Jet-Dancerinthepark        18/01/2016        Australia
 Lazarus      3 B c Bettor's Delight-Bethany        15/01/2016        Australia
 Leanne's Boy      7 Br g Armbro Invasion-Leanne's Memory        05/01/2016        Australia

 Living Again      3 Ch g Live Or Die-Lady Matueus        14/01/2016        Australia
 Mach's Gladiator      6 B g Mach Three-Smooth Maker        15/01/2016        Australia
 McArdle Star      4 B g McArdle-Star Of The Ball        21/01/2016        Australia
 Mighty Mara      5 Br g Lis Mara-Van Livy        18/01/2016        Australia
 Monbet      4 B g Love You-Diedre Darling        15/01/2016        Australia

 Mossdale Conner      6 Br g Bettor's Delight-Mossdale Kara        15/01/2016        Australia
 Native Caesar      5 B g Julius Caesar-Willowburn Rose        29/12/2015        Australia
 Ohoka Punter      6 B h Bettor's Delight-Millwood Minisota        11/01/2016        Australia
 One Over Da Moon      5 B h Majestic Son-One Over Kenny        15/01/2016        Australia
 Pinup Pony      4 B m Art Major-Tarena Jay        25/01/2016        Australia

 Quite A Moment      6 Br m Quite Easy(USA)-Juverna        15/01/2016        Australia
 Real Lucky      3 B c Real Desire-Lucky Pocket        07/01/2016        Australia
 Real Social      3 Br g Real Desire-Socialiser        20/01/2016        Australia
 Sally Maclennane      3 Br f Panspacificflight-Weka Lass        08/01/2016        Australia
 Sandvik Star      5 B g Badlands Hanover-Star Rhapsody        13/01/2016        Australia

 Seafield Pearl      22 B m OK Bye-Seafield Lisa        11/01/2016        Australia
 Smolda      7 B g Courage Under Fire-Under The Mattress        15/01/2016        Australia
 Smooth Delight      5 B g Bettor's Delight-Super Smooth        11/01/2016        Australia
 Stanley Ross Robyn      3 B g Extreme Three-Atomic Robyn        14/01/2016        Australia
 Star Of Dionysis      5 Br g American Ideal-Star Of Venus        20/01/2016        Australia

 Summertime Lizzie      5 B m Santanna Blue Chip-Summer Ale        14/01/2016        Australia
 The Lion's Roar      4 B g Safari(AUS)-Catherine Zeta        25/01/2016        Australia
 Triple Play      2 B c Shadow Play-Triple Sec        19/01/2016        Australia
 Twice The Delight      4 Br m Bettor's Delight-Trelise        18/01/2016        Australia
 Vincenzo Peruggia      2 B g Art Official-Cee Ya Later        14/01/2016        Australia

 Waikiki Beach      3 B c Somebeachsomewhere-Cyclone Betty        08/01/2016        Australia
 Whynottagrey      6 B g Klondike Kid(USA)-Bragato        14/01/2016        Australia
 Willow      5 B m Bettor's Delight-Listen To The Rhythm        18/01/2016        Australia
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