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It Is All Very Quiet Empty Re: It Is All Very Quiet

Post by ray the beancounter on Sun Jun 19, 2016 10:12 pm

Hi Des, yes things have gone very quiet currently on the harness racing front but should only be a relatively short hiatus before we start seeing the likes of the 2016 syndicate horses making an appearance.

My birthday is certainly over and was very much a two part affair. The weekend BBQ was memorable to say the least. The actual birthday followed on the Monday and will forever be remembered as both a happy and a sad day. All was wonderfully well until about 5pm when I received a phone call advising that an acquaintance had been killed in tragic circumstances - killed on a luxurious $3m yacht in a most freakish accident while sailing to Fiji, in a remote location some 550km north of New Zealand. The rest of the week became a bit of a blur and a rollercoaster of emotions keeping up with rescue plans and the deployment of an ocean- going tug to get the damaged yacht and Nick’s body.
Horses and blogs take a back seat – but “I shall return…...”
ray the beancounter
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It Is All Very Quiet Empty It Is All Very Quiet

Post by Des Carruthers on Sun Jun 19, 2016 8:40 pm

I am starting a new topic because there is nothing happening in regards to every other topic that has been discussed on this blogsite. Older horses are not involved in action, new horses are not yet ready to trial, ray the beancounter's birthday has come and gone, the next newsletter is due shortly, nominations for races for Bettors Pocket are not sufficient to form a race, Ideal Belle remains on the cusp of greatness, Major Star is yet to appear in Melbourne, my semi retirement has been put on hold and I am returning to a full time teaching position for the next three months (so that I can afford the syndicate horses in lieu of prize money flooding into my bank account), the new cricket season is still four months away, the Olympics are not yet with us, I didn't have any horses at Royal Ascot ... there must be something interesting to talk about but I can't think of anything.

Des Carruthers

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