Outstanding Breeders Crown Finals

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Outstanding Breeders Crown Finals Empty Outstanding Breeders Crown Finals

Post by geejay on Mon Aug 29, 2016 10:50 am

What great  racing it was at the Breeders Crown Finals.Have just watched all the replays of the races and some great performances by pretty much all the winners assisted though by outstanding drives as well.Race 1 and David Butt and Wilmas Mate taking it to High Gait in a battle royal last half was a great way to open the card.
Mark Purdon, grabbing his minimum quota as a trainer no surprise of course but Emma Stewart made a big statement with 3 big wins and not with the hot favourites .
Mark and Chris Alford brilliant driving as always though are some dam good drivers around.Dexter of all great drivers was my one disappointment with Franco Christiano ,thought that was a cray move by him to keep Soho Tribeca out 3 wide instead of letting him by as the breeze was the only thing on offer ,no way Waikiki Beach and Mark would hand up so getting the 1/1 was always gonna be the better option in my armchair driving opinion.
Some great losing runs by Rockstar Angel,Petacular , Cyclone Kate and Major Star's recent conqueror Tee Cee Bee Macray just to name a few. Wave


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