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Post by geejay on Tue Dec 13, 2016 1:39 pm

Bit late but have to shout out my praise for Smolda ,what an amazing run that was by him,what a warrior and Hectorjayjay made this a great spectacle.Mark Purdon unbelievable ,as much a joy to watch as all those great horses he has.
Lenny The Shark's scratching a terrible shame and Run Oneovers overracing took his chance away but was still a fantastic final ,thought beforehand Gloucester Park was not a great track for this but was not the case. Cheers


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Interdominion Final Empty Interdominion Final

Post by geejay on Sun Dec 04, 2016 11:46 pm

Draw out for final,should be quite a contest.Big shadow over Lennytheshark with his hoof abscess problem ,a shame if he can't start,such a warrior,great to watch him at his best.Hectorjayjay after everything going his way in the heats and impressive wins gets the 9 marble so won't have things easy this time,Franco Nelson just sneeked in luckily and will enjoy the longer distance as will Smolda.Run Oneover has certainly come along way since leaving NZ,has really impressed,Changeover really leaving some nice horses,good for him to get a winner in this big one.Our Jericho making this final a huge surprise ,just another example of our NZ horses growing another leg when they go to Auss.Tomahawk not a popular sire so nice to see him getting a little success.
Gonna be fascinating to see how this race fans out and the drivers tactic´s ,so many chances that one can´t just lock away the favorite like they did with Piccadilly Princess the other night,great drive with Ideal Alice in that race.
Been a big fan of Beaudiene Boaz but big danger of getting trapped if Lenny is scratched as he won't get a free run from the 2nd line with first emergency coming in to cover him up.Someone mentioned here some time ago The Bucket List was the sort of horse that could do well at Gloucester Park,well he might just get his chance,a dollar on him would give a nice return. Wave

Gloucester Park, Friday night

Front row

1 Bling It On $5.50
2 Run Oneover $4
3 Our Jericho $51
4 Lennytheshark $7
5 John Of Arc $21
6 Franco Nelson $31
7 Smolda $11
8 Bettors Fire $18
9 Hectorjayjay $2.40
Back row

1 Beaudiene Boaz $10
2 The Bucket List (1st emerg) $41
3 Our Jimmy Johnstone (2nd emerg) $151


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