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Post by ray the beancounter on Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:11 pm

Hi Guys,
I noticed that a new member joined the forum on 07/04/2017 under the handle Sneide_12.
I did not recognise the person from any of the minimal information that was provided and the Chicago time zone preference rang a few alarm bells with me.  I did a google search on the email address provided and it popped up on a scam website as being an email address to be wary of as an active scammer - hence I have banned this new member so that they can not participate or contact legitimate members with spam.
If anybody has received any messages from this person please let me know.
Alternatively if I have taken the wrong approach and you know Sneide_12 to be a genuine syndicate member then let me know and I will reinstate the membership.  It just didn't look or feel right so I made a quick judgement call.


Update (Mon 17/04/2017): After attempting to contact this new member I got no response so have deleted their account.
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