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Time to promote this forum Empty Re: Time to promote this forum

Post by geejay on Tue May 02, 2017 11:48 pm

Definitely a good idea to encourage the new Atc syndicate manager to promote the use of this forum among members ,certainly for us offshore members this forum is invaluable tool for participating in this experience of racing horses and must be a very positive influence in attracting interest from others to get involved in ownership as well.A closed forum to replace the phone-in-message system for any discreet information would be much more suitable for us off-shorers as well with public updates on the open forums a great way to keep everyone more informed and up to date and probably may serve as an alternative for the monthly newsletters.
The workload on the Atc syndicate manager must be pretty heavy when they have more than a couple of syndicates running at the same time,Rob Carr was excellent in all my dealings with him and a very friendly and helpful bloke when we met him on a trip back home.What his thoughts on utilizing such forums were I don't know and really don't matter now but would be interesting to get Andrews thoughts on such am sure he is open to new ideas to add to the experience and enjoyment of their syndicate members.
As much as I see big advantages for syndicate horses racing more in Australia the fact they are run by the ATC does obviously mean they must put racing their horses at home as their main priority for the good of the club.Building the industry in NZ so important now,is a shame exports growing out of proportion though understandable with the difference in opportunities and stakes between countries.Not an easy thing to turn around quickly,building apartments and selling them may go a little way to raising stakes for the time being but boosting the countries economy and putting more money in peoples pockets should be a big priority for the government to get the industry to flourish again,such a big industry as racing that provides so much to the economy in the form of jobs especially need boosting and looking after I reckon.


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Time to promote this forum Empty Time to promote this forum

Post by ray the beancounter on Tue May 02, 2017 6:46 pm

I have intentionally given our new syndicate manager time to bed into the job before approaching him regarding this forum.

I think it is time to email Andrew to make him aware of the existence of the forum and the benefits that it has in providing a discussion forum for both local and overseas syndicate members who would otherwise be sitting at home as mushrooms with limited contact and limited information available to them. 20 members signed up and 1,024 message posted to date says something.

It is also importantly noted that Andrew is more informal when it comes to the newsletters and the cross sharing of information between the syndicate newsletters and it is this less formal more casual approach that I think many will find refreshing. Charlie Chaplin
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