Is This The End For ATC 2016 ?

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Is This The End For ATC 2016 ? Empty Re: Is This The End For ATC 2016 ?

Post by ray the beancounter on Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:05 pm

Des, I have by no means made a firm decision yet but I must admit that I am tending towards voting towards moving on both Extra Blast and Some Change. Why?

Extra Blast: it can be hard enough getting a “trotter bred” horse to be a competitive racing trotter. Trying to do that with a “pacing bred” horse is going to be even more of a risky proposition and would best be described as an experiment. If an amateur trainer or a part-time trainer wants to attempt such a task then well done and good luck to them, but we are not here as a diversely owned syndicate to promote or fund such an experiment. Fair dues to our trainer for picking up on the horses trotting preference but latest reports are that this experiment is really going nowhere so it is time to pull the pin and to stop throwing good money after bad. Five, four, three, two, one,...blast off...

Some Change: If this horse had been showing more potential or more ability then my opinion may be different. To own just 50% of what is an average ability horse is not an attractive proposition when it is likely to be the only horse running for the syndicate. A fifty person syndicate owning half of one horse – no thanks. If we were talking about the scenario of owning 50% of a top line horse that was competitive in some of the better staked races then yes, fine, continue the syndicate owing just the one horse (or half thereof) as the thrill and excitement of winning would likely continue for a while. But this is not our situation. Sorry Surfie, but it is time for you to pack your surfboard.
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Is This The End For ATC 2016 ? Empty Is This The End For ATC 2016 ?

Post by Des Carruthers on Fri Jul 21, 2017 1:14 am

What is the general feel from syndicate members regarding the current motion to wind up ATC 2016?
With Miss Kitty sold and Extra Blast continuing to go nowhere, is the staying potential of Some Change enough to keep the syndicate going?
As we only own half of Some Change then each 1/50th ATC share is 1/100th ownership of the horse.
Are some members ready to stop sending good money after bad in the case of Extra Blast?
Are some members ready to cash out ( at a substantial loss ) and get ready to try again with ATC 2019 at next years sales?
Major Star is in again at Menangle on Saturday.

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