Freak accident kills Wesley Silcox

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Freak accident kills Wesley Silcox Empty Freak accident kills Wesley Silcox

Post by ray the beancounter on Thu May 26, 2016 10:59 pm

I saw this article online over the past few days.....(Belle had raced against Wesley Silcox in the past)......

"He was meant to be enjoying some time on the hills in the north, but in a cruel twist of fate, Wesley Silcox has lost his life in a freak accident caused by a lightning strike.
Always rated highly by the stable, Wesley Silcox, the winner of eight of his 12 race starts was in recovery mode after being troubled by a suspensory injury. The winner of his last three starts in Auckland 14 months ago, Wesley Silcox was being given every chance to return to the track after injuries had curtailed his promising career.
"We thought this time that rather than bugger around we'd give him every chance to recover and that time would be his best friend," said Robert.
However, some severe weather including some spectacular electrical storms hit the north late last week.
"When we were coming back from the races last Friday you couldn't see a thing," said John. "It was shocking weather."
Further north and it was one of these electrical storms that would seal the fate of Wesley Silcox.
"He was in a paddock with a couple of other horses," said John "and it sounds like a tree in the paddock got hit by lightning."
"Wesley Silcox was obviously sheltering under the tree when a massive branch fell hitting him and taking his life. They reckon he would have been dead instantly."
"Its really sad," said Robert. "He had a lot of untapped potential and I was confident we would get him back and into the highest classes."

A sad end for a good horse with stats of 12 starts, 8 wins, 1 seconds, Lifetime Stakes $67,249
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