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Post by Des Carruthers on Fri Oct 23, 2015 1:54 pm

For me, a trainer must have demonstrated the ability to develop and maintain the career of a good horse when he gets one. However the most important skill is to be able to select that good horse in the first place. With the medium budget allocated to each syndicate trainer at the sales, the ability to pick a bargain or to have a background relationship with the breeder is a huge advantage. If you haven't already seen it, have a look at the unraced dam of Miss Kitty qualifying to race from the Cran Dalgety stable. (American Sweetheart - Rangiora - 10/10/2011). The solid family background and by Bettors Delight makes this horse a very shrewd purchase for $16,000 and the early indications back this up.

Des Carruthers

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Post by barryf on Fri Oct 23, 2015 1:02 pm

What we don't know is if other trainers were approached- and declined.

And while earlier syndicates may have their opinions, each syndicate is an entity in its own right and the success or otherwise will depend on the ability to fill it promptly.

As we have seen in the past difficulties arise when a trainer has an interest in a rival of the same age or class, or is training horses of similar class for different ATC syndicates and the perceptions which flow from that conflict in regard to choice of driver etc.etc.

Cases which come to mind readily are Gold Ace/ Charge Forward and
Changeover/ Awesome Armbro, the latter issue involving the regular successful driver switching allegiance. Although hard to take at the time it was difficult to argue with, particularly since he had switched from another stablemate in the first instance,

In the end trainers are professional people and I am inclined to trust their judgement in dealing with such complex issues.


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Post by ray the beancounter on Fri Oct 23, 2015 10:03 am

On a positive note, I am quite pleased that John & Josh Dickie are to be given the opportunity as an ATC Syndicate trainer. I rate them as trainers and also Josh as a driver so in my opinion that is a good choice.

Bunty Hughes – I am luke warm on him as a selection.  Good trainer, don’t get me wrong, but light on horse numbers to be able to use his name as a marketing magnet.

Reid & McMullan – mmmmmmm.  As a marketing attraction to be used as a selling point to fully subscribe the syndicate I see this trainer selection as a fail.  They just do not have the marketability that many other trainers have.

After such a strong uptake and record fast selling period to fill this years 2016 syndicate I would have expected a bit more thought from the ATC marketing people. Marketable trainers makes for a fully subscribed syndicate with happy members.

I struggle to see this next syndicate selling as quickly.

I will reserve making any decision as to whether I join this 2017 syndicate until after the yearling sales in February.  It is going to take some impressive horseflesh to garner my attention, as the selection of trainers alone has not been enough to grab me.
ray the beancounter
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Post by nealclan on Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:55 pm

Has any body noticed the trainers for 2017 horses, will not say more than has somebody lost there marbles. The Dickie's are ok, Mr Reid well
I thought we made it clear about him after Charge Forward and the other Bunty Hughes only I horse for 1 win this season a bit weak.


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